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CA Coastal Construction has been constructing fine custom homes along the Coast line between Victoria, Nanaimo and the Gulf Islands for the past 16 years. Colin Amey, the owner and founder of CA Coastal Construction and his team of professionals have completed home after home with high quality results and happy customers.
Honesty, pride, and customer service has been our platform for success over the years. Almost all of our business is from word of mouth recommendation whether it’s from within the construction industry or from friends and family of people we have built for in the past.
CA Coastal Construction is a desired and reputable custom construction company that people want to work with when creating their own paradise to live in. The business is known as one of integrity, quality craftmanship and high customer satisfaction on Southern Vancouver Island.
We have much experience working with engineers and addressing the many challenges that are prevalent when building in this seismic zone. Experiences that have been gained over the years have now been turned into systems and protocols that are implemented and are valuable tools for building on challenging sites. Remote building takes a whole different set of logistical planning and skills, something that we take pride in handling and running a project smoothly.
Our continued success is an attribute to the efforts that go into every home and project we build. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal and we continue to strive for this on every job. Our happy customers are the ones that keep us in business.

Our Team



Colin is the founder and owner of CA Coast Construction and the business has been a large part of his life for the past 16+ years. When he’s not on a building site he’s usually found with his wife Cat and their 2 kids Hannah and Charlotte. They enjoy their family time by adventuring on the West coast whether it’s hiking or boating around the Gulf Islands.


Office Administrator

Cat can usually be found off-site helping to keep the office running smoothly. She has a steady hand with the paintbrush and has brought many interior finishes to completion. Cat divides her time between CA Coastal and her work as an Early Childhood Educator, bringing passion to both facets of her work. In her personal time, Cat loves spending quality time with her family exploring Vancouver Island, growing food in her abundant garden, and hiking with her dog Luna.


Site Superintendent

David is a well-rounded carpenter who brings a wealth of skills to every project. He is a great leader and has many years of experience facilitating projects. In his personal time David enjoys hiking and spending time with his family.


3rd Year Apprentice Carpenter

Brody is an enthusiastic apprentice who is soaking up all he can learn from his experienced crew members. He continues to build on his solid foundation of carpentry skills and works hard on all aspects of each project. He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty, go out on some high scaffolding, or work the fine details of finish carpentry. Outside of work, Brody enjoys hanging with his friends, riding his dirt bike, and eating pizza.


Seasoned Construction master

Joel brings a wealth of construction knowledge and experience to work every day. Patience and persistence are some of the qualities that he possesses that make him the Construction Master! A true team player and skilled craftsman make Joel someone that other crew mates want to be around. In his spare time he enjoys hanging out on the beach and target practice in his backyard.


Journeyman Carpenter

 Arnie has been working in construction for most of his life and his skill set proves just that. His accuracy and attention to detail when laying out a house is what makes everything so straight, plumb and level in the finishing stages. Arnie enjoys building through math and would love for someone to ask him to build an octagon house or something with a million different angles. A great foreman and crew leader, CA Coastal is lucky have him.


Apprentice Carpenter

Karter is the youngest apprentice on the crew and he is bringing his enthusiasm to the job site every day. A product of the youth apprenticeship program, Karter is learning his trade and implementing his new found skills on each project. In his spare time Karter enjoys playing baseball and hanging with his friends.

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We are always looking for skilled carpenters and trades people that take pride in their work. If that’s you please get in touch with us to talk about joining our team

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